Cold Lady Box Tutorial

I love my old and cold ladies…and my monsters. Since I just uploaded a packet that contains a tissue box lady, I figured it was time to upload a tutorial on how to create and use them.

There are a few things you need to make a tissue box person: a tissue box, colored paper of any sort, tape, scissors, velcro (optional), a person template, and target cards.

If you’re artsy and want to draw a person, go for it! Otherwise, you can find or buy ones online. I’m using my cold lady who swallowed some snow for this tutorial.

Step 2 Decorate or wrap tissue box with wrapping paper, construction paper, or anything that calls to you. (I chose red this time to match the coat in the book…but any color works! Also, if using velcro, different heads will be able to be attached - so any “outfit” works for the box!)

Step 4 Now we’re ready for the head! Print out and cut out the Cold Lady. I like to laminate each head for durability and to be able to switch the heads on my boxes.

Step 6 Line up the mouth hole and the hole in the box. Either tape, glue, or velcro on the Cold Lady head.

Step 9 Use! Print, cut out, (glue on card stock and laminate if desired) the story sequence cards….or vocabulary or artic cards…whatever suits your needs! They easily fit into the mouth for sequencing! Plus, if using velcro, picture retrieval is even easier - simply pull off the bottom of the head and reach in.