Rebecca Gnezdova

I love communication, languages, culture and travel. I majored in Spanish my first time through college and studied abroad in Ecuador. The Amazon rain forest is my most favorite place to be! Give me green trees, tropical sounds and a river any day!

Sadly, my time in Ecuador came to an end. I then returned to the States, met and fell in love with a Russian. I’m slowly learning the language, but the kids pick it up faster than I do.

My first exposure to Speech Language Pathology was when I went to speech (two sessions) to correct my /r/. But being in a group with my brother just wasn’t my idea of fun, so I fixed it (props to my parents for home carryover - reciting “the red robin sits on the roof” over and over after dinner worked for me.) I then promptly forgot the world of Speech and Language existed…that is until after I graduated college and started working for a school district.

My passion was born when I worked as a bilingual aide in a preschool. A post-bach and a master’s degree later, I was back in the schools as a SLP. I have worked from Birth-3 all the way to extended high schoolers, but my favorite population by far is preschoolers.

I’m very artsy and love to create. I draw clipart, sketch, and write in my free time. This has lead me to creating materials for my fellow SLPs. It is something I truly love to do! Not only is it a creative outlet, I care about making life easier for others in the field.

Two important things to know about me:

  1. I. Love. Coffee.
  2. I’d talk to you for hours on end about communication, culture, languages, travel, and more, if we had the time.


Rebecca Gnezdova
Spokane Valley, WA
United States