Fall Halloween Antonym Cards and Worksheets

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Engage your students with these bright and friendly candy corn characters! Bring Halloween fun into your room with flashcards, games, worksheets, and activities full of ready to go trick or treat candy corn characters! Now with leveled worksheets, Capture the Box, Opposite dice, and Roll an Opposite game. This is a set of 36 antonym pairs. Half of the antonym is printed on each card. Either read the card to a student, or have the student read the card and give a word with the opposite meaning. What's included: •word list •72 flashcards (36 pairs) •6 worksheets (3 level 1; 3 level 2) •Roll an Opposite Game •Capture the Box game •Dice (1 in color, 1 in black and white) Cards can be printed onto cardstock, cut out, and then used in conjunction with a game or other Halloween materials. Game ideas include Memory or Go Fish style games, or create your own! Create your own game by placing cards upside down. When it's their turn, a student flips over a card and gives the opposite of the one listed. If the student can provide the antonym, they keep the card. If they cannot, they return the card to the pile. The goal is to have the most cards at the end of the game.



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