Fairy Tales Themed Story Comprehension Language Comprehension

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Need story comprehension materials that target multiple skills? Need an engaging theme in speech therapy? Then this is for you! Knights and princesses come alive in this fairy tale packet of 10 stories, multiple questions, and card decks related to receptive and expressive language that can be targeted with reading and story comprehension. Once Upon a Time…Story Comprehension teaches: • why questions • yes/no questions • context clues • inferencing • predicting • synonyms • antonyms • sequencing • multiple meaning words • vocabulary • categories How to use these stories: Read a story and have students answer the appropriate questions based on their therapy goals. Cards are provided to aid in different types of questions. To target auditory/story comprehension, read the stories and questions to students. To target reading comprehension, have students read the story and questions out loud. It might be helpful to review the synonym, antonym, multiple meaning, category, and/or vocabulary cards before reading the stories so discussion of these items does not have to occur during the middle of the story. Stories can be broken down into smaller chunks for students who need shorter stories to target their language comprehension goals. Although these stories were designed to be used in small group or one-on-one therapy sessions, they can be modified to suit reading centers in a classroom at each individual’s discretion. What's included: Contents: •Short stories with language comprehension cards: Yes/No questions,“Wh” questions, Context Clues, Inferencing and Predicting, Details, and Sequencing •Synonym cards •Antonym cards •Multiple meaning words (master list) •Multiple meaning words cards •Vocabulary words •Vocabulary definitions •Category label cards •Category member cards •Game: Instructions, board, player pieces, and dice template



Language Comprehension

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