Early Sound Monster Articulation CV VC and CVCV word activities for Apraxia

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This low prep, monster themed packet is full of engaging activities for preschool students with Childhood Apraxia of Speech. Work through CV and VC syllables and into CVCV words with /p, b, k, g, m, n, t, d/ real and nonsense syllables and words. What's included: • 9 monster dice Practice CV syllables, use two dice to create CVCV combinations, or print off two copies and create reduplicated CVCV combinations. Or, use the blank monster dice with the syllable mats as a roll and say! Two blank mats are included to create your own roll and say • Syllable mats Use the syllable mats with the monster dice to practice CV syllables. • 8 monster game boards Practice VC syllables. If you want to target motor planning, increase your speed as you go through the board. A blank board is included for you to personalize the activity. Two additional game boards are included - one for CV combinations and a blank one to use with any target. • 4 pacing boards Use the pacing boards to aid in motor planning and increasing rate of speech by increasing speed as you move across the boards. • 36 CVCV cards (+4 CVCV game cards) Practice CVCV words or use the Mommy, Daddy, Nana, and Papa cards to turn the CVCV words into a game! The CVCV cards and game cards are available in two sizes in this unit to suit your personal needs.




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