Animal Pets Associations Interactive Book for Preschool

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This preschool pets theme interactive book engages children and builds preliteracy skills at the same time! Preschoolers learn animals and their sounds, associations, and match animal outlines as well. This is a great aid in a group circle! The interactive aspect of the book allows even non-verbal students to participate in the activity. Simply print out a copy of the book (formatted for double sided printing). Pages can be folded and stapled into a book or cut and bound in a method of your choice. Pages go in the order: I have a pet…it (association)….it says (or second association)…what is it?…it's a (animal)….animal shape page for matching shape/same. While reading the book, have students select the animal from the group of 2 on the page. Later, have the students match the animal to the black animal shape. This can be done by simply placing the picture next to the black animal shape, or by placing velcro on the black animal shape. Targeted animals and associations are: Cat - mouse, meow fish - water, bubbles (open and close mouth with a popping sound) bird - cage, tweet tweet dog - bone, woof bunny - big teeth, carrots Suggestions for group circle activities:

  1. Read book focusing on animal identification (receptive language)
  2. Receptive vocabulary by identifying toys of the animals or expressive vocabulary stating animal names or have students make the associations with objects or cut and paste the animals onto a picture of a living room, etc.
  3. Re-read book - have students identify animals and match “same” with animal shape page (either keep animal pictures on velcro board or have each student hold an animal and identify when they have the needed one) All graphics and content copyright © 2013 Rebecca Gnezdova, MS CCC-SLP. All rights reserved.



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