Spanish Language Activities for Speech Therapy

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Are you a Speech Therapist who has an ever increasing number of Spanish-speaking students on your caseload? Tired of attempting to translate English language resources? Don't fret! These low prep activities target many common language goals for Spanish speakers in speech therapy. Included in this packet: Categories/categorias - 42 cards with visuals 1 Roll-a-category game Functions/funciones - 16 cards with visuals “Wh” Questions/preguntas- 8 cards for each type of question Same and Different/semejante y diferente - 15 pairs to compare and contrast Sequences/sequencias - 7 different sequences (2 decks - one with steps written on cards for added support) Each sequence can be used with anywhere from 3 to 6 steps; use the amount you need! Many sequences can be broken down into two sets of 3 steps. Sequencing strips to cue retelling of the sequence are included. Card deck - 45 cards, 2 sentence strips, 1 Venn diagram for compare/contrast, 15 category labels, 15 function labels Additional goals can be targeted with these simple visuals!



Spanish Speech Therapy

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